About Us

Safeway Marketing is a private limited company that has completed the registration process and verification required to market food products, beauty products, and physical care products produced from organic herbs. The company is established and run by experienced experts including botanical scientists, ayurvedic doctors, experienced distributors who have been distributing products made from organic herbs for a long time. Along with the operators, and managers involved in the field of import and export overseas. The company is constantly moving forward with the dream of making human life comfortable by using natural resources as well as making the young manpower of the country confident, self-employed, and motivating them to gain entrepreneurship skill to build a strong nation. Located at Mahalaxmi, Lalitpur Metropolitan City-15, it has been marketing food items, beauty products, and products for physical care produced from pure organic herbs required for healthy living. This organization has been providing free training, camps, and consulting services from time to time by the medical experts who have provided services in the field of natural health for a long time. The company has started its initiation of setting up its own production unit. With the ambitious objective of making the products produced from Nepal's herbs easily available in the country and abroad, in the near future. Safe Way is moving forward with the idea of ​​being run by a group of companies; seminars,camps, health care and counseling centers will be conducted under the banner of its sister organization Rishikul Ayurveda Counseling Center.