NightPen Churna


 Our night pen churna are one of a kind, potent and extraordinarily effective natural intimacy enhancer helps to increase sexual desire. Our product is produced under international GMP regulations and is HALAL acclaimed product. This ignites the passion and romance in one’s life and helps to achieve new levels of erotic intimacy and emotional closeness in  the relationships. Our night pen instantly improves sexual energy, fights against sexual debility and sexual weakness, restores vitality and increase the stamina. Our product increases natural excitement, response to stimulation and give fantastic staying Energy and stamina for extended sexual performance. Night pen is a unique combination of Trikatu, Safed musli, Kali musli, gokhru Taal Makhana. These Herbs` therapeutic value extends beyond sexual energy, regulations of blood flow or general longevity as it improves the basic immunity of human body

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BENEFITS: Revives sexual vigour, Restores energy, Increases confidence, Helps to attain and maintain erection, Minimizes moments of embarrassment, Improves blood flow, sexual energy, desire and sexual performance, Balance the hormones level.

USAGES: 3gm day with warm water,cow milk or as per directed by physician.

COMPOSITION: Each capsule contains         

Ashwagandha Extract 100mg, Shilajit power 50mg, Shatawari Extract 60mg, Pipala Mool Extract 50mg, Trikatu Extract 30mg, Safed Musli Extract 70mg, Kali Musli Extract 70mg, Gokhru Extract 70mg

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