Dybo Care Juice

Dybo-care juice is a unique combination of organic, nutritionally rich, and rare fruits and herbs viz GYMNEMA, KARELA, JAMUN, TRIPHALA, AND GHRITKUMARI, which stimulates the beta cells to secrete insulin, make body cells more permeable for insulin. It also increases the vitality of the body. Regular use of this supplement juice with a controlled diet and regular exercise will help you to get better control of diabetes. The combined effect of this formula helps to control/balance blood sugar levels, effectively without any adverse side effects. Karela, Gymnema, and Jamun are known as destroyers of sugar. The product is Nutritional Juice, not a medicine. Its ingredients have by their own nature the property to heal/prevent/control any ailment or problems in one or other way on as described in Ancient Ayurveda.

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Help to regulate diabetes and related symptoms, Help to improve immunity

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